Healthy Home Made Drink – Strawberry Milk


I love strawberry milk! Do you?

The sudden urge of wanting to drink a cup of strawberry milk push up my lazy leg to the kitchen. Grab the ingredients and switch on the blender, the next moment is a cup of natural sweeten strawberry milk.
The method is so easy and only need strawberries, milk, honey and blender.

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Make your own healthy blended strawberry milk:

1) Remove the green leaves on the half box of strawberries
(It depend how strong the taste of strawberry you preferred, but do note that if the fruits are not sweet enough, it will have sour taste)

2) Wash the strawberries

3) Blend up the berries with the blender

4) For me, I mixed the blended juice with milk while you can also add the milk to the blender to blend with the berries

5) I like the original tast...

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Women New State Of Art – not for those who love cleanliness


This spike of change of conventional thinking, no shaving of armpit hair for the ladies has become a hot topic in the post of “”.

Original post: from – Women with unshaven underarms

Based on the information, a London photographer is posting a challenge of the conventional beauty by shooting the natural beauty of a woman – showing their growth armpit hair. The photo shoots are mostly plain, naked in term of design and color. The reason I guess is to show the true plain beauty of woman.

Models post with arm raising up, revealing their body hair with no constraint. The photographer will expect people to be surprise on this project intention and true enough, there are already 800 comments in just few days. His main reason for such shoots is a form of protest against the beauty industry. As armpit hair is a natural state of the human body, yet most people are long taught to think that such pubic hair has to be remove to look beauty.

After looking through the photo shoots, honesty I cannot accept at the first glance. Most probably as what he mentioned, the long mindset that armpit hair is unhygienic and needs to be remove. But after looking a few more times, somehow I seem to accept it better. You may think that I have get use to it by looking at them constantly, but I can say although I accept this fact of natural beauty, I will not be going to do it.

This all goes down to the personal thought of the body hair. As a grownup in Asia countries, with the humid weather that makes us sweat a lot, we are taught not only by parents but also school teachers that our armpit hair can easily trap bacteria. Because of such concept, we as ladies will think that shaving off the hair will be even better.

There are no wrong in any of these actions, purely looking at the sense of beauty. That is the reason why I love beauty, too many concepts that cannot be judge and explained logic, just feeling.

Share with us your experiences & leave us your comments

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What will be your view on this? Will you do it to show the true beauty of yourselves?

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Secret of Staying Young


Found the secret to stay young!!

This is a massage guide by a Japanese lady whereby she invented a Scissors Paper Stone style of massage. Her main purpose of this tactic is not to slim immediately but to clear the waste of our body, in a way is to detox.

And she really looks so young!

Not sure if this work but I guess no harm trying out cause their is no pain, no drug no dieting haha.

If this really works, we can stay in our 20s, just like her!!

Let me know if you tried and how do you feel too, I am going to do it to see if these massage can helps me to detox better too!

Share with us your experiences & leave us your comments

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Heavy Weight Contributor – Water


“I have gained a KG!” is the most terrible thing to see in the morning when standing on the weighing scale. We have been working so hard to maintain our diet and lifestyle to ensure that our weight does not goes off our desired range but despite of that we still encounter such challenging quest that hinder us from our perfect goal.

Ok I have over thought! But I am sure thoughts will still ponder, wondering what is wrong with our body because having extra weight without much reason can be as deadly as a pimple on the nose on the wedding day!


I was on this situation where I decided to conquer this quest. While desperately searching for the answer, I came across this term called “water weight“...

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Addiction to Makeup – Are you??


I know some of my girlfriends that are so into makeup whereby no matter where they are, there will not any slight naked face of them (even at home!!).

So we decided to give it a try on the addiction test~

The result is soooo obvious! I am a non-addicted (as I only do occasional makeup) and my girlfriend resulted a addict of makeup~


You can do the test too at here:

It’s actually simple and straight to the point. By just answering, the answer is already shown so clearly haha.

However I still think that makeup is essential but not till the state of every moment. Our skin still needs fresh air to breath and rejunvate.

What is your result then?

Share with us your experiences & leave us your comments

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6 Myths Buster – All about Food and Dieting


I have a moderate body size with condition that can gain weight easily without any control, hence I will do exercise to maintain my metabolism rate and read up on information on types of food that is appropriate for body.

Then I came across some common myths that talks about food and diet practices. These myths are so common that it can be either hear from friends around or read it from forum posting and are circulating among us for like decades. Some people do strongly believe in it because some really do make sense while others have doubt and will not try But with the well verse technology and the wit of human research, most of the myths are studied upon and was so called busted with the correct information.

So now I am going to disclose some of the common myths that y...

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Must Read Guide for meal preparation


It is never easy to prepare and cook healthy food because a lot of information pertaining to the ingredients needs to be thought about before cooking the dishes. Or else you might want to cook a healthy dish but ended up with plate of non-delicious or worst, unhealthy ones.

That is what happened when I was trying to make a lunch box of healthy food for myself. Because I did not do up a good preparation planning before kicking in, the taste did not manage to mix well that result in weird taste. This is pretty sad and disappointing that makes me to ensure that I will do up preparation each time before I starts my cooking.


So here is my guide for ladies who wish to prepare meals for themselves or for their love ones, no harm following them =)

Food listing

It will be good t...

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Video – How the our brain work “in cooperation”

As everyone knows that the two side of our brain supposed to be a creative artist and a technical specialist that looks into different aspect of our thinking and actions. But how do they actually synchronized and work together?

This short animated video portrays the function of our brain in a cute way and also in a “love” situation.

I love it and I am sure you will enjoy it too!


Share with us your experiences & leave us your comments

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Discovered – The new Fountain to Youth


Who is not afraid of aging? That your body will be experiencing weakness, having white hairs and wrinkles on both face and body skin…

And this can be worst for public figures and celebrities. Their “always” beautiful and elegant image can be instantly destroyed when starts to age. In order to maintain their looks or figures, they go ways to source for solutions and recently there is a syringe called “fountain of youth” that became so popular in Hollywood.

hgh-celebrity 4

For real?!?

Fountain of Youth
Is there really such myth exist? I personally do not believe it but to the aging celebrity in Hollywood believe this strongly with just USD240 (S$302) each time! A medical syringe that is made from hormone content that is for human growth has been identified as the new fountain of youth!

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5 Must Do Tricks for Makeup


The common phase that associate with makeup like “you seldom do makeup…?”, “how can we go out without any makeup on…” or “try using xxx powder, yyy concealer to cover your pimple marks..” etc whereby those phases ring around your ear, especially in herworld. But now makeup is no longer a woman thing. (Thanks to Korean stars) We now can see mans putting on makeup to make their facial features look slightly visible then usual.

So can we say that makeup is very important to the world today? I presume yes, because everyone – no matter which age group will have makeup on for event. However, less knows the tricks and skills on putting on proper makeup that might eventually turn beautiful into harm on their skin.
What I believe that if makeup is done with stand...

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